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31 May

The Simple Way to Calculate Google PageRank

How a BackRub led to Google PageRank Google’s founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, met in 1995 at Stanford University.  It was during an orientation for new students that they first met. Brin has said that the Ph.D. candidates were both “kind of obnoxious” and disagreed on most subjects but... Read more →

20 May

True Fire’s Brilliant Marketing Strategies

If you’re a guitar player, sooner or later you will run across True Fire’s YouTube channel.  True Fire has the largest selection of guitar instructional videos online. Their YouTube channel has more than 217,000 subscribers and more than 75 million views. Many... Read more →

marketing resources
18 May

Huge List of Marketing Resources

We’ve put together 51 lists of marketing resources each of them with a minimum of 50 resources each. As far as marketing resources go, this is the list of lists. The total number of resources summed over all the lists is 4,460. The following table lists the number of resources... Read more →

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