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Most viral myths
1 Nov

Most Misbelieved Myths. The Most Viral Myths from “Information is Beautiful”

Information is Beautiful

If beautiful displays of data make your heart beat faster, check out Information is Beautiful. You can get lost for hours. I did. The site is the creation of David McCandless, a data journalist, and information designer.  David’s passion is presenting information with few words. I read every one of the myths in “Common Mythconceptions, the World’s Most Contagious Falsehoods.

Lies You Believed Yesterday but Won’t Anymore

The Romans didn’t have vomitoriums, at least not in the way many of us learned.

Iron Maidens weren’t a medieval torture device. They were an 18th-century invention created for sensational circuses

Napoleon wasn’t short. At 5’7″ tall, he was above average height for a Frenchman at the time.

Most Believed Myths

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