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Kendrick Lamar
11 Nov

Why Every Marketer Should Know the Story of Kendrick Lamar.

We See Marketing Where Others Don’t

In August 2013, seven-time Grammy Award winner Kendrick Lamar used a marketing device that didn’t look like one. It went viral on Twitter overnight. More than ten thousand web pages would tell the story of the lyric and people’s reactions to it. While many of us might at first only hear a lyric which went viral, it is much more than that. Kendrick Lamar’s lines in “Control” were a marketing technique disguised as a verse.

Why It’s Important to Study this Example

What is so important about this particular marketing example?

♦ The release of the song was Kendrick Lamar’s biggest marketing week in his career. It was measurably better than any of his album releases. It brought him more publicity than even his 2016 Grammy performance, one  which many have described as “legendary.” Studying the marketing successes of others is always time well-spent.

♦ The verse is an example of  “Marketing by Any Means Necessary,” the central tenet of DeepAdvantage’s Marketing Manifesto.

♦ This is an example that teaches us marketers that we need to have vision.  We gain an advantage from learning to see marketing in places where others do not.

♦ It teaches us the importance of Amplification in the spreading of a message. When others talk about and share our content, it magnifies our message. Amplification is the ratio of results we receive to the efforts we put in. In this SlideShare, we identify examples of the impact that Influencers had on the virality of the message. High profile professional musicians, athletes, and coaches commented on and shared the lyric. They debated the meaning of the words, which in turn encouraged more conversation and sharing.


Want to see Marketing In Places that Most Others Don’t?

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