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How to Make Your Twitter Header Work on both Desktop and Mobile
2 Mar

Make Your Twitter Header Work on Mobile & Desktop

Verified March 2, 2017 How Your Twitter Header Will Display on Mobile vs. Desktop Twitter recommends that you create your header image with dimensions of 1500 x 500 pixels. On mobile devices, users will see the full 1500 x 500 pixel image. Twitter will display a cropped version of the header... Read more →

lighthouse Google
22 Feb

Google Search Hacks For Marketers

Last week, we published Twitter Search Hacks, a list of the advanced search operators we use most often on Twitter. Today, I’m sharing our favorite Google search operators starting with a little-known search trick for finding synonyms. Our #1 Google Search Trick Google has long included synonyms in your search... Read more →

Top 10 Most Inspirational Ads
18 Feb

Top 10 Most Inspirational Commercials of All-Time

Ten Commercials That Tug at Those Heartstrings and Push Your Emotional Hotbuttons You can watch these 10 commercials in 18 minutes. You can watch them twice in 36 minutes. I did. The first ad and the last were my favorite. 10. Everlast. “Boxing Makes You Bigger” 9. Ace. “Peace” 8.... Read more →

The Amazing, True but Complicated Tale of Sea Monkeys
15 Feb

The Amazing, True Complicated Tale of Sea Monkeys

You Probably Know Their Secret but not Their Complication Just Add Water is a sixteen minute documentary on the inventor of Sea Monkeys. Harold von Braunhut was a true, marketing genius. At a time when most companies looked down on advertising in comic books, Harold bought advertisements in 3.2 million... Read more →

Twitter Search Hacks
10 Feb

Twitter Search Hacks

What's the best way to find content on Twitter? Whether its for research, to study or to engage with,  how do you search Twitter for new content? You can look through your timeline which is what it’s designed for. This has the limitation of being a mixture of the most... Read more →

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