Experts on Finding Your Best Followers

Experts on Finding Your Best Twitter Followers and Unfollowers

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Do you feel like a small fish lost in the ocean of Twitter?

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Suggestions for Following the Right People on Twitter

DeepFollow uses machine learning to analyze your account and your audience. First we define key concepts for your account. Then we search Twitter for users interested in those concepts. Finally we analyze all of this data in order to suggest the best Twitter followers for your account.

All suggestions are simplified to a simple percent score, displayed via progress bar. The more confident we are in a suggestion, the more full the bar.

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Automatically Detect People Who Unfollow You

Suggest Who to Unfollow

In addition to suggesting who to follow, DeepFollow will also suggest people to unfollow. We check for people who have unfollowed you. We check for people no longer active on Twitter. We check for people with suspended accounts.

Our objective is to help you to clean up your audience, so that only quality followers remain. Real people, who engage your content.

DeepFollow will never follow or unfollow anyone on your behalf. All we do is make suggestions.

The rest is up to you.

Improve Performance With Campaign Analytics

All suggestions are tracked according to different campaigns. This allows you to see which concepts are responding the best with your Twitter followers. Track your followback percent, elapsed time until followback, and audience retention. This data helps us to distinguish the real people engaging your content.

DeepFollow continues to gather data from your account, and the accounts of your audience. It uses this data to determine the key concepts of Twitter account. This allows us to segment your audience, and better understand how different groups of your Twitter followers are responding to different content.

Over time, as DeepFollow gathers more data, the suggestions provided will improve. We compare campaign performance to popular concepts among your audience, and ultimately, suggest entirely new campaigns based on these results.

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